Disc Diffuser

Product Detail
  • Disc diffusers are constructed of EPDM & Silicone Rubber and are suitable for deep tank (high-temperature) applications, as well as robust performance in cold weather.
  • Available for pipe size diameters of 3-inch (91mm), 4-inch diameter (110 mm) for the 9-inch unit only.
  • The 12-inch disc is only available in 3-inch diameter pipe size (90 mm)
  • Triple-check valve design, ideal for on/off applications, restricts entry of liquid/solids into piping
  • Resistant to fouling and plugging for low maintenance
  • Integral saddle mount provides ease of installation and maintenance
  • High-capacity membrane option available for maximum airflow and low operating pressure
  • 3 times stronger than conventional mounting or push-on systems
  • Pre-assembled and leak tested in our facilities

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