Wall Bumpers

Product Detail
  • RANE is a leader in manufacturing of Rubber Products for 35 years- The company is engaged in manufacturing of DOCK FENDERS, SILICONE SLEEVINGS, 10 RINGS, CASKETS, RUBBER SHEETS, ANTI VIBRATION PADS, ENGINE MOUNTINGS and so on.
  • RANE has pleasure in presenting its catalogue on one of its valued products: ARCHITECTURAL PROTECTIVE RUBBER GUARDS
  • RANE LAUNCHED ITS COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION OF ARCHITECTURAL PROTECTIVE RUBBER GUARDS in 1998, using EXTRUSION and MOULDING processes. It is a matter of pride that within such a short time span RANE has developed capability to manufacture all types of D Fender, C Fender, Duo Fender, E Fender, Midi Fender, Corner Gauds, Wall Bumper, Loading Bumper & Moulded Bumpers. Speed Humps etc.
  • RANE's ARCHITECTURAL PROTECTIVE RUBBER GUARDS PLAY ACTIVE ROLE IN MANY AREAS LIKE Warehouses, Godowns, Loading Bay, Breweries, Hospitals, Parking Lots. Staircase in Departmental Stores etc.
  • RANE today is ready for

Quality Assurance
  • RANE guarantees that all products are manufactured with manufacturing specifications.
  • RANE has an intemal Quality Control SyslerTl Ihal follows each order during manufacturing procedure.
  • RANE Gurantces high standards & performances of all products. Customers requ irements are strictly fol lowed du ring all production phases.
  • RANE assures a procurement control on tho production , calibration: testing etc.
  • RANE welcomes inspection by it's cu stomers' quality ass urance departments and by their appointed agencies like I.R.S.: S.G.S. Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register when requ ired hy customer.
Architectural Protective Rubber Guards
  • Ranelast heavy duty protection system are manufactured frorn high quali-.y rubber having good resistance abrasions and harsh weather c,ondilions. Thase G uards can he fixed hori/on lally or vertica Ily on tlat or curved surface.
Types and Availability
  • D fender, C Fender. Duo Fender. E Fender, Midi Fender, Corner Guards, Wall gumper, Moulded Bumpers are some of the type wrnmonly used as protective guards. Readily available in standard Black colour bul are also manufactured and supplied in different colours as per fre customer's requirement.
  • Rang's Protective Rubber Guards ran he easily installed and tixed by screws and bolts.

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