Moulded Rubber Products

  • Overview
  • REP Manufacture Various Type Of Molded Parts
  • REP Pioneering Indian company in the field of Molded Rubber Product. This wide range includes products from simple ‘O’/’U’ rings/seals, washer, o rings, FBD gasket, Endless gasket, TC Gasket, Rubber bellows, Rubber Diaphragm etc to intricate precision components from quality materials and efficient dies and moulds to guarantee peak performance, excellent finish and appearance eliminating air traps, defects and excessive flash.
  • “O” Ring, Oil Seal.
  • Rubber Bellow.
  • Tri Clover Gasket
  • Rubber Mats & Pads.
  • Washers, Bush.
  • Endless Gasket. Manhole Gasket
  • Grommet.
  • LED Street Light & Flood Light Gasket
  • Sponge Sheets
  • Sponge Rubber O Rings & Gasket
  • Rubber Diaphragms
  • Rubber Caps.
  • Rubber Grommet

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